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I have tried water therapy and up to this point has not really helped much if at all. My ROM is excellent. The tight band that I feel starts on the inside of my knee and wraps over my kneecap and goes under my knee. It feels like a wide band or tourniquet. I also have some effusion (fluid) on the lateral side of my knee which the Dr.says will go away as well in time. Praying he is right!

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I had left knee replacement in 4/2017 and January 25,2019. I’m not making the progress that I did on my right knee.
I’m 6 weeks and have 118 degrees flexion. But the outside of my knee, right at the joint is sore. I’m going to PT.
The IT band got aggravated from me limping prior to my surgery.
I’ve had the IT band trouble and my OS gave me a shot of cortisone. Worked like magic.

How is the knee doing now? Here in 2020? I have a very similar problem to yours and I’m desperately seeking help from my surgeon who seems totally puzzled. He ordered blood tests to rule out infection and inflammation but you can see that the knee is swollen. I am 11 weeks postop and the tight band (a.k.a. duct tape) feeling it’s so strong it has me in tears every night. Was curious to know if you also had to fight for your bend every time? My knee stiffens so quickly even after a great stretch. I feel like I have to start over every time. Very frustrated and wondering if there’s anyone like me out there?

I have the exact same feeling you describe. I am almost 4 months post surgery. ROM has always been good, and have some pain now and then, but not too bad. I walk over two miles a day, but this tight band feeling is very disappointing. My surgeon avoids answering me. I am starting to come to terms with the real possibility this never goes away.