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@ssbionicknee and @mhort1213 I live in Tulsa OK and no one around here seems to know why this happened or how to treat it or what the long range prognosis will be. It has been so frustrating. The last thing i was told by my surgeon was I'd probably just have to live with this. I was desparately hoping somebody here could give me some direction. Thank y'all for your input.

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I don't no if this helps but , i tried everything. Nothing worked until i got on a stationary bike.it hurts at first but i got a better stretch and build the muscle up. 5 minutes every day until i was able to ride longer. Followed by massage with Cocoa butter lotion . I massage as much as possible. I still ice and after 3 months i also use heat on my lower leg and upper thigh. Not on my knee. Once i was able to massage the scare and loosen scare tissue. Everything got better. Lots of work but I'm better the tightness around my knee is gone. It felt like i had a string tied around the joint. And i had to bend as much as i could . It actually felt like a net or something pulling apart breaking off. Well I'm at 5 months now. Still a little stiff and some swelling off and on but I'm dealing with it. Good luck