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@mhort1213 I am also 10 weeks post surgery from bilateral TKR and have this banding I continue to be concerned with. I am 2 weeks out from MUA because I could not get pass 90 degrees on both knees at 6 weeks. I am an over creator of scar tissue, nothing to do with how hard I have worked on PT. My PT and surgeon tell me it will get better, but hearing from @scgraham makes we want to seek a second opinion on the tight banding I feel on both knees.

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Mines been almost 5 years and still hurts as bad today as when I had it done. Had all kinds of shots, nerve deadening shots, nothing works. Going into to talk to my surgeon again. Tired of these do tors acting like they have hardly heard of this. Were up to 322 on this site with the same problem. When I signed on 4 months ago it was around 200.
Wish you well.

Did you have tightness and heaviness feeling before your MUA? I had the tightness and heaviness in my left knee. Had an MUA while I was under having my right knee replaced and it felt great afterwards for a few weeks. Dr said there was a significant amount of scar tissue even though I had recovered my ROM back to 124 just prior to the surgery. Then it tightened back up. Considering a clean out of scar tissue.
Have an appointment with my surgeon this coming Monday.