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I will clarify what i meant by "tight band" and it may not be the same as what other posters mean. It feel like a tourniquet is around my leg just below my knee. And the pain extends to the calf area of my leg, feeling like an extremely tight compression feeling. My muscles are soft, not contracted. My knee cap is not involved. I am 19 months post surgery.

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Thanks @scgraham. That is a lot different than what I felt. I wanted to be sure that I was understanding what "tight band" meant. Each surgery can be different for everyone. I am getting ready to have my other knee replaced in a few months. I am hoping it goes as well as the first one, but I have also had major shoulder surgery in between and I had a hard time during the operation and recovering from that. I am a bit nervous about it. I am sorry to hear that you have that much pain. When I was having a lot of pain with my shoulder, I read about dry needling, but never had to have it. I hope you find something that will ease your pain and give you some relief.

I had this for four years since my surgery. Yesterday I noticed my right foot was was pointed out. Last day I've tried walking with my foot straight and it seems to really helped. Will call my doctor for an appointment. Foot feet before operation were very straight. Not the knee I had operation on lower leg is pointed way to the right. Never noticed before. I've tried to keep it straight and it seems to help.

Wow i had that to. I had to walk, ice and start my exercise all over again. Mine felt like a rubber band around the bottom of my knee. And pain down the side of my leg to the ankle and tendons . just enough to aggravate you. But it will go away in a couple weeks. I had to start riding my stationary bike sooner than planned. That did it for me. I'm nine months out from second surgery on the same knee. Still healing but the tight band did go completely away in a couple weeks. If that long. Good luck and be patient. Healing is slow.

Sounds exactly like me.
No answers from surgeon or PT either
After giving consideration to all aspects of the surgery, I am inclined to think there is a relationship with the tourniquet application and this tight band business.
Immediately after the pressure dressing was removed, I noticed immense pain in my thigh to crotch also the blackest blue in that area all the way down to the ankle. There was a very hard nonpliable feel in the quadricep to the top of the incision. Needless to say swelling also.
Sciatic nerve raged with pain from hip to ankle for 2 weeks then subsided to a semi tolerable level. After the PT course, and the sciatic pain dissisipated, to intermittent bouts but there was a hard-wedge feeling at the upper part of the tibia which about drove me insane. This did leave eventually.
If the tourniquet did trauma to the sciatic nerve, this may explain the band tightness feeling. The sciatic nerve bifercates into the peroneal nerve along the anterior tibialis
And that may be the readson for this band feeling. NERVE TRAUMA
Anyone else have tourniquet residual trauma with this band of tightness we try to describe to our medical specialists?

I'm in my fifth year and it's still bad. Going in today to see my surgeon for my tkr that's hurt for years. Had shots nerve deadening, not has helped. Also talking about my other knee that now needs replacing!