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Hi @mhort1213. I want to clarify what you mean by tight band. I had my TKR (right Knee) in May 2018, so I am 10 months out. Before surgery, my knee was extremely loose, moving all over the place, locking up, and causing me to fall. After surgery, my knee cap felt very tight. It did not move around at all. It felt like it had been cemented in place and was stuck in that spot. After a few months of therapy, it loosened up and began to move around like a normal knee cap. I am wondering if that is what you mean by having a tight band on your knee, because it did feel like that. In my case, I had fallen so much because of having 2 bad knees, that I felt safer when it was really tight. I became afraid of falling after it loosened up. My PT and surgeon, reassured me that it was normal and that my knee cap would hold steady and it has. I think what you are describing is normal. You have brand new hardware in your knee and it will loosen up. And then that will feel strange. But it will be much more stable. Good luck to you!

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Happy NEW DECADE to all! I had TKR on left in 2015. Perfect result - hardly any pain; works well. Had TKR on right knee 13 month ago. Hardly any pain, but more difficulty. I do have the "Tight Band" on top of knee (a little to right of center). Tightness has decreased 70% (?) over the year. However, THIS LEG HAS HAD NUMBNESS SINCE THE SURGERY and still does. Numbness around knee and calf has decreased (maybe 50%), but is still very present. I am concerned about circulation (I do have some circulation issues in both legs showing blue/purple veins especially in feet. When I use corrective stockings it improves for a while.) Two things: I can play a racquet sport with no problem. Climbing UPstairs is definitely a problem now - it is an effort and I have to rest at top (and, again, I can play Pickleball for 2 hours.) Going DOWNstairs I have to hold on, go slowly as my "rhythm" / or coordination is off. Possibly NERVE DAMAGE??? Surgeon has nothing to offer.

I've had it for five years and fallen 10 times. I bought a knee brace at Walgreens and use it when the tightness is bad. Sure makes a difference. Surgeons dont care as if your leg works their job is done! Started to go to specialist that work on problem replacements.