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Wow...I can't imagine having to live with what you have described and what I am also going through! I am 10 weeks post surgery and I just went to the doctor yesterday who once again reassured me that the band feeling and the fluid on my knee would go away in time and that is all normal. It is very uncomfortable and painful at times. I need to have my other knee done as well and am fearful now of having the same issue. Good luck. I hope your issue resolves soon.

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@mhort1213 I am also 10 weeks post surgery from bilateral TKR and have this banding I continue to be concerned with. I am 2 weeks out from MUA because I could not get pass 90 degrees on both knees at 6 weeks. I am an over creator of scar tissue, nothing to do with how hard I have worked on PT. My PT and surgeon tell me it will get better, but hearing from @scgraham makes we want to seek a second opinion on the tight banding I feel on both knees.

I am 75 years old; had total knee replacement over 5 years ago and knee still feels like tight band around it. By the end of the day I am in a lot of pain.
I have a LOT of scar tissue; this is how my body responds. I keep trying to find a noninvasive way to get rid of scar tissue. I have tried acupuncture, PT, and massage. I will be trying cold laser therapy next. Will let you know how that goes.