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I am 19 months post TKR surgery. The surgery went well. I have great ROM. But, from the beginning I have had a tight band feeling just under my knee, and a compressed feeling in my calf muscle. Feels like I have on the tightest knee sock imaginable with a tourniquet for a top band. I was prescribed gabapentin, didn’t help. I went through PT 3x trying different things to treat this, including astym and dry needling. I still have bruised areas on my leg and it’s been 7 months since the last session. My surgeon and PT have not been able to explain the what or why of this phenomenon. But was told at my one year appointment that there was a good chance I would just have to live with this. It takes a great deal of mental energy to rise above this pain to have a productive day. I am a 65 yr old female. Anyone else out there have any information or tips for dealing with this?

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Wow...I can't imagine having to live with what you have described and what I am also going through! I am 10 weeks post surgery and I just went to the doctor yesterday who once again reassured me that the band feeling and the fluid on my knee would go away in time and that is all normal. It is very uncomfortable and painful at times. I need to have my other knee done as well and am fearful now of having the same issue. Good luck. I hope your issue resolves soon.

I feel for you! I am almost 16 weeks & had a total manipulation 2 weeks ago. The tight band feeling left for only 2 days after my manipulation . I still go to PT & have pain all the time. Water therapy feels great but I can’t live in the pool. My doctor said the scar tissue may or may not go away. I just wish I would have known some things before I had this done!

Well this is discouraging. I have this tightness as well, 3.5 months post bilateral knee replacement Its only in my left knee. I’m looking for a cure. My surgeon thinks it will go away. It never gets better although sometimes it can get tighter. I tried medical message, one session, she thinks it is IT band. However my symptoms don’t fit the profile for what people report with tight IT band such as pain when heel strikes ground and pain at lateral knee. THis is a persistent disco for that makes bending a bit harder but I would nnot call it painful, just feels Very thought and nothing seems to make it better. I will pursue medical message when the corona virus lifts as the therapist cancelled all my appointments. Ellenka

I am your age and 3.5 months out bilat knee replacement. I have tight band over left lateral knee and feels like knee cap gets pulled to the left with bending. It’s always there and while I can walk 2.5 miles near the end the band sensation is worse and have to increase effort and push with my hands on upper knee area to get it to bend to get in a car. I can get 123 for bend on that side with effort and stretching. Still do daily exercises by PT was going to try massage but canceled after 1 session due to COVID. PT told me to bend it and massage-above knee from knee to thigh to try and stretch the fascia. Can’t say anything has worked. Surgeon says it will go away. I’m beginning to think nerve damage. I hope it goes away but hearing from you and others not sure I trust that it will go away. Happy I can walk though and I can garden but not the way I used to. Takes more effort to find a position to do things and then getting up is very difficult. On the plus side I have built up my arm strength. Very disappointed that surgeon is not more up front about this type of outcome for some patients and is not aware that this problem doesn’t go away for some as I learned on this site. I wonder if the nerve block or the tourniquet used during surgery caused permanent damage.

cushion. This fir five years. Had a lot of injections with no relief. This has caused me to fall 10 times . The more I exercise the tighter the feeling gets till I just limp around.
Your surgeon won't help as if your leg moves correct his job is done. 20% of tkr have problems. Go to a specialist that works with problem surgery.

Had this forv5 1/2"years. Deadening nerve shots has somewhat helped but not enough! I feel very unstable climbing stairs or just climbing anything. I,ve tripped and fallen 11 times and have been luck no breaks. I'm going back to the surgeon in 3 werks .no body can tell me why I'm in so much pain when I walk.. so disgusted. My wife had both her knees done by the same surgeon and she does great!
Good luck yo you, just becafull.

Hi, this sounds so like mine, the tightness also goes around my toes and very uncomfortable to walk. After exercise it seems to tighten even more in my calf. I had my op Aug 2020. How are you going now? Have you found anything that helps you with discomfort. Mentally taxing too, the longer it goes on. I try and divert my mind by keeping busy and walking dog. Sleeping isn’t easy either! It’s in a way comforting to know it’s not just me! I’d like proper explanation

Not sure how you are doing now but this sounds like my story. TKR 2018 revision 2020 and still those PAINFUL TIGHT bands. New doctor tells me it’s nerve damage from 1st surgery. Still working to correct it. No other choice. 64 yrs old and I just want to walk up the street without tear producing pain

I’m 1.5 years post op on the TKR of my left knee and 6 months post op of my right knee. My knees also feel tight and heavy...like I have a 3 lb weight attached to each knee. My left one was feeling this same way when I had the surgery on my right knee. I mentioned it to my surgeon just before the surgery and he decided to manipulate the left one while I was under for the surgery. He told my husband there was a significant amount of scar tissue. It felt great...loose and not heavy afterwards. But it didn’t last. I’m seeing him again next week to see what he thinks. I went through PT each time and had good ROM when I was done but I guess I must not have been aggressive enough after I was released from PT. How long can scar tissue form after surgery?

I have the tight, rubber band type feeling across both knees...2 1/2 years out! It isn't painful like before the surgery but very uncomfortable and present all he time when on my feet. I haven't seen ortho regarding the cause and if any treatment would help or if I have to live with this!! Ugh!!