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Wow, that's certainly not encouraging. How is your range of motion with the tightness? My ROM is excellent so I don't think it's scar tissue. Hopeful mine will go away and praying all works out for you as well.

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my range got up to 119 but i feel it is lower now. Painful, try to ignore it.

I had my left TKR Oct 2018 I had super tight band feeling , almost like it was bands made of thin sharp sheet metal, [ only way i can explain it ] Doctor always told me it was scar tissue and to keep working , which I did. with no changes. A scar tissue therapist after 3 visits told me there was no unusual scar tissue and I was dealing with nerve damage or nerve entrapment . Out of desperation I had some nerves cut around knee, pain before it was 10 this got it to 9. With no answers I had a revision done 7 mons . ago, My ROM is excellent but the pain remained. So now in jan. I will be having nerve stimulators implanted in my quad with hopes it blocks pain. I should say back in 2019, 8 mons. after 1st TKR I had to have right knee replaced, This one other than tightness right above knee is great and livable. tightness right above knee is a common place. Don't stop moving other wise stiffness wins. I figure there has to be an answer out there. KEEP THE FAITH & KEEP SEARCHING PEACE

I still have right band feeling 24/7 for almost 11 years. My theory is is from the 4 MUA I had. Two on ken three on other breaking up scar tissue. I’ve had therapist and massage person tell me it is fascia which makes sense. My dr could never figure it out.