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Oh my gosh... I pray it doesn't last that long! What do you do that helps, if anything? I have been doing deep massage which seems to help somewhat. What do the doctors tell you that is causing it? Have they offered any suggestions to relieve it?

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Have you tried water therapy @mhort1213? The water takes the pressure of the joints and makes it less painful. That may help relieve that tight feeling and help with your range of motion.

My has lasted 5 years and not getting any better. Cause 11 falls due to it doesnt feel safe so when I step up I dont go high enough as its stats to feel very tight so I dont lift high enough. I've had shots, therapy and nothing seem to work.

I too am having that feeling with each of my knees. Doctor Both times said it was a normal issue and would go away over time. I am close to 3 weeks out from knee number 2. Last knee was 8 months ago. Outpatient PT did massage and tissue release and while somewhat painful was really helpful. As I recall that tight feeling was gone by week 6. And I already feel it lessening with this knee. I hope this helps you feel less nervous about this. But by all means, keep your Doctor and PT informed so they can help. Good luck!

I have the same tight band feeling mainly after walking but have been told that it is due to a Baker’s cyst that I have behind my knee. The surgeon said he won’t drain the cyst now because it will just fill up again due to surgical inflammation. Also said in 75% of people the cysts eventually drain away. I find this very discouraging because all I want to do is walk without pain