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@mhort1213 I have had 2 TKRs but I do not recall a feeling like a tight band. What I have learned though is we all just tend to have different post-op problems and discomforts. You have obviously spoken to your doctor about this and he/she does not seem concerned. If you have confidence in him then you have to believe that he is experienced in this and that’s why he’s not concerned. Did he/she indicate how long before that would improve? I hope it will improve very soon.

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Thank you. I hope so too.

Your doctor like mine feels his job is done if you leg moves correct. A PA at my doctors handles problem knees. Over 20% of tkr have problems. My wife had both knees done and shes done great. The tight band feeling I've had for five years. Had so many injections I feel like a pin cusion.

I’m at 8 weeks in 3 days and having the same band on my knee problem . I can’t bend it enough . I’m struggling.