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Ability to lift leg

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I’m 8 days post op TNR and having difficulty with leg lifts. My PT said that nature is going to resist when you want to use the recovering leg. Best thing to do is raise your good leg several times first and get your brain to ‘train’ the injured leg into thinking it’s OK to be raised. Painkillers have helped tremendously for the workouts but are lousy when it comes to side effects. It’s a timing thing too. Need to take oxycodone at least an hour before workout. Keep pushing thru the pain, it’s a rough ride but one worth taking!

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Hi @glolane – Welcome to Connect! And congrats on getting through your surgery. Was it a knee replacement? I just had my second one on 1/29/19 so I'm just 6 weeks out today! I would truly suggest that you be kind to yourself. At 8 days post-op you are just barely getting the anesthesia out of your system. If my recovery was any indication, EVERYTHING was difficult in the first week or so post-op! Like you, I would take my oxycodone prior to PT and do the best I could. By the end of two weeks, I was doing a LOT better. I still took pain meds prior to PT, but everything was easier, ROM was 0/128, and I had graduated from the walker to a cane. So hang in there. It gets better! Besides the leg lifts, are the other exercises difficult? (Knee slides were my personal torment!) Also, I'm curious whether your therapist is getting you out of the house to walk yet? I'm wishing you the best. Please keep us posted.