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I totally understand how you are feeling. This last surgery with the current spacer was very difficult. The infection was very bad once again so they were telling me there was a chance and there's still a chance I could lose my leg which made my mental state before the surgery very bad. They told me the surgery would take about 3 hours but when they opened me up the surgeon told me it was one of the worst infection he has ever seen so it ended up taking about 7 hours. My days for like the following 2 years were horrible, the pain, weakness and depression. The are better now but still very difficult and Im sure you feel the same way. Since my accident in 2003, I went back to work about 4 times but it would constantly get worse and I would go back in the hospital for another major surgery. Finally my boss said I should just go out on permanent disability so that is where I am at now and to be perfectly honest with you it is very depressing since I've worked since I was 10 years old. Times are very hard financially amongst many other things.
Sorry to ramble it just helps to vent. No companies, sometimes life deals you a bad hand and it can always be worse!
For what it is worth to you, the best advice I can give you is never give up and everyday find a reason to fight it. I'm free if you ever need to vent, I don't have all the answers but I'll always give you my opinion based on my experiences the last 16 years. Im not the best with how these groups work. I hope you have a good night, stay strong!!!!

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My orthopedic doc told me the same thing. I've had 3 replacement. I had a spacer put in 12/03/20. I was in tremendous pain prior to surgery. After surgery I'm virtually pain free. I'm wondering if the pain will return after having it in for an amount of time. Did you get any pain relief after surgery? If yes how long after surgery did the pain return?