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Week 3 post TKR

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Looks like i am over a year late on this thread, but I just found it. I am 2 1/2 weeks post TKR. Still in pain and not sleeping and swelling in lateral compartment. PT is going well though, flex is 115 degrees and ext is at 0 so i am happy with that. Is the pain and not sleeping normal at this stage? When does it get better?

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Hello @dlou72, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Pain and swelling are pretty common for the first few weeks or month. I had my right knee replaced a year ago in April and if I remember right I had some pain and swelling for the first 4 to 6 weeks. I found out from my surgeon and care team I was not icing and elevating my leg as much as I should have been doing it. Here's an excerpt from the article listed below – "Ice and elevation of the leg will help reduce swelling. People should apply a cloth-wrapped ice pack to the swollen area for 20 minutes every 3–4 hours when possible. Gentle ankle and foot exercises after surgery may also help reduce swelling and the risk of blood clots."

Knee replacement pain: Management and when to see a doctor: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/knee-replacement-pain

Have you discussed the pain and swelling with your surgeon or care team?

sounds like you are doing very well. I have been thru 3 TKR in the past 2yrs. and feel like I have experienced both good and bad. you could see some swelling for a year ,your range of motion is great. Keep working and give it time.

I always remember what my second ortho surgeon told me when I was impatient at the slow pace of healing – "We cut you and insulted your body – it takes time to heal each muscle, bone and nerve. And remember, your [ ] didn't go bad overnight, so don't expect it to heal overnight." At 2 1/2 weeks, only your incision has really begun to heal – your body is working very hard to repair the rest.

As John pointed out – ICE, Ice, ice… I had hand surgery in June and September, and yesterday after some hours of heavy use, I found myself reaching for the ice again. After ACL/MCL surgery some years ago, I regularly used ice 3-4 times a day for at least 2 months to keep the swelling down.

So please, be patient and gentle with yourself, keep up the great rehab, and keep the ice handy!