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Week 3 post TKR

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I had TKR 3 weeks ago and was off my cane the last few days and getting around pretty well. I am still taking oxycodone, flexeril for muscle spasms and gabapentin for nerve pain. I had home PT for the 1st two weeks and Monday I begin outpatient PT. Full flexion is at 0 and ROM 107. However, today I stepped off a curb with the wrong foot and a shooting pain went through my knee and I can barely put any weight on my leg. I’ve iced it for several hours but it still hurts. I’m scared I damaged my knee or a ligament or something. Has anyone had this experience that they can share ?

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@rknee, I can imagine you're concerned. I'm bringing @contentandwell @johnbishop and @artscaping into this discussion. However I think they'll agree with me that you should call your surgeon tomorrow morning. If you have a patient portal, send a message tonight. You want to be safe rather than sorry. I'm might think that icing is a good thing to continue to do and keep your leg elevated when you can.

Do you have PT scheduled for tomorrow?

@rknee – Do you mean you stepped off of the curb with your leg with the TKR? If so, that is the correct sequence – Up with the good leg and down with the bad (TKR) leg. Curbs and steps with no railings are still a little difficult for me even though my TKR was a year and half ago. I would definitely call your surgeon or care team as soon as possible to make sure everything is OK.