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Week 3 post TKR

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Yes l feel your pain with standing & moving your leg, time & self nurturing is essence. I'm post opp 8wks can stand for 7mins idle while ironing, my leg does manage ok for 20mins moving walking. I had beening going hydro pool x3 wkly but feels good while I'm exercising but pay for it later leg swells up pain heightens. Wkly massages to brake up scare tissue. My range of movement approx 93% very swollen, painful & stiff leg. Been off crutches wk 2, pain relief is Ostio Panadol & ice packs. I find self massaging regular moving & Physio exercises x3 daily help. But I'm staying postive & looking forward to full range of movement nil pain as we all want to achieve. Hopefully we can support each other in saying in due time, as we are all different. But biggest question l seek is a Computer navigatied knee replacement better than non- navigated, what's everyone's thoughts & feedback please.

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@klarnold, I had my right TKR done in April 2019 and when I first looked into TKR I was hoping to have the computer assisted surgery but my Mayo surgeon was not one who uses it for knee replacement surgery. I am extremely happy with my results though. I had a friend who just had her knee replaced at the same Mayo location using the computer assisted surgery and it went really well also. She is excited to have her other knee done soon. Here's some information on the topic from 2018 that you might find interesting.

If Computer-Assisted Surgery Is More Accurate, Why Isn’t It More Prevalent?: