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Week 3 post TKR

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Hello. I just completed week 4 of TKR. Did in-home pt the first two weeks and then out to PT for the last 2 weeks, 3x a week, with exercises at home. I am only on Aleve, no opioids and have been that way for about two weeks. The Aleve seems to do the job, where the XSTylenol did nothing for me. No cane, that has been gone since about week 2. I do have a shower chair that I don't particularly need, but do like to sit in and have the hot water run on my knee. I do do my exercises religiously twice a day on days I don't have PT. My hospital experience was overnight and I was back home the next day, which was exactly what I wanted. The first two weeks were rough, especially sleeping, but a pillow lengthwise under my right leg seemed to do the trick for a bit. Now I am able to sleep on either side and occasionally find myself waking up on my stomach. Nighttime is the worst, probably because I do move around a lot. I usually ice it before bed, between an hour and an hour and a half. Just seems to work out that way. Have been driving since the end of week 3, doesn't seem to be a problem. My knee was measured at 114 degrees last Monday and total extension. Hope that has helped answer your question.

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Thank you, emb123. Sounds like you're doing really well! I appreciate being able to compare where you are to where I'm at currently! Continued success!

Hi @emb123 – Welcome to Connect! You are a rockstar. I am impressed with how quickly you got off opiods. I wish I could take ALEVE but sadly I can't do NSAIDS because of the potential for stomach bleeding. I'm also impressed with your commitment to doing PT twice a day. It really does make a difference in getting the flexion/extension back. Way to go. You must have a great strength and balance to have gotten off of your cane so quickly. Are you using anything for stability now? Best of luck as you continue to recover.