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Week 3 post TKR

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Sounds like your on your way! I am 11 weeks post op and only have 87 degrees of flex. I have had a MUA 3 weeks post op and need to have it scoped for scare tissue removal but i have swelling, major burning and sensitivity of the knee cap as well a pitting edema of the leg. Docs are kind of at a lose of what to do. I sent my records and x-rays to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale so am hoping for some answers very soon. I can not find any other docs to do a second opinion of my knee. I was on my meds for 4 weeks just for therapy and sleeping. I have since stopped taking any meds as they have discontinued any therapy to hopefully reduce swelling and hypersensitive nerves. Good luck with your progress!

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Wow, Hoover, you've had a tough time and I'm sorry that you're stuck right now. It makes me feel very lucky to be where I am in Week 3. I wish you solid answers to your questions and pain relief! Thanks for your reply.

I’m curious how you are doing now. Your situation sounds similar to mine even tho I’m only about 4 weeks post op but my pain and burning around knee cap is terrible especially at night and right after therapy. I have LOTS of swelling, too, and even pain in the foot. Seems like lots of nerve involvement anc possibly scar tissue.
How are you doing after 2 years?