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Jennifer (@megan123)

The big 3 antibiotics for MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Mar 9, 2019 | Replies (30)

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@megan123 Hi Jennifer, I'm sorry about the stomach cramping coming so late in the game (after 10 months on "the Big 3"). I just want to let you know that I experience painful stomach cramps with the Big 3, but only sporadically. I've tried lots of experimental protocols to get around the cramping (what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, enzymes, probiotics, etc.). I still get the painful cramping every now and then. It's disturbing and it keeps me from wanting to schedule any social or work commitments on the medicine days, but in my mind it's just how my body sometimes reacts. Certainly everyone has a slightly different reaction to the drugs, but I wanted you to know the cramping is a pretty common reaction in me, and sometimes it doesn't occur at all. I hope you'll discuss it with your docs, and follow up if necessary (just in case something else is going on).
I'm not as much bothered by the occasional cramping as I am by the rare but persistent coughing up of blood. When it happens, I have a very emotional reaction: terror. I'd love to hear how other people who occasionally have a show of blood handle this experience.

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@onana Hi there. I remember the first time I coughed up some blood years ago. I was totally freaked out. I thought about Doc Holiday in the movie 'Tombstone' where he would hack up blood due to TB. I have only had it happen one more time since then. I did not freak out that go around. It is just one of those things that are, or can, happen when you have bronchiectasis and mac. There is no need to worry about it unless it continues to bleed a lot. Sometimes a little blood indicates an active infection.

@onana..,,what did u take for the cramping???? Ginger???i need to stay on these drugs…thinking of taking ethambutol and azithtomyacin with food..,dinner to reduce symptoms?? Off drugs now, and will reintroduce s week at a time…all 3 drugs have abdominal side effects….did u use Tylenol?? Or pain meds when needed???