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Advice on using HRT please

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I reached menopause directly after I turned 40, and my doctor recommended HRT, where I took both, oestrogen (BI-EST (50-50) 2 mg/ 1 ml cream, apply 1 ml per day, and progesterone 50 mg (take 10 capsules per month). This is taken from a compounding Pharmacey that is plant based in compounding its medications.
This was mainly to protect the bones and stop the hot flashes and sleep discomforts. I am now 44, and so have been using this medication for four years, but recently I have been hearing more about the increased breast cancer risk to HRT users and I am not sure which path to take. I saw a 2nd opinion from a different doctor which explained that there are two schools of thought, one that recommends HRT and one that doesn’t, and she was from the 2nd school, so she prescribed for me a medicine that does not have any hormones, which is Manhae’ but is used to ease the menopause symptoms.

I am not sure which path to take… I surely want to protect my bones, but not on the expenses of increasing breast cancer chances! I do not have any history of breast cancer in my family, not that I know of, but still it sounds scary! How can I decide?

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@rd1 Welcome to our forum here on connect . We cant diagnose but help with what we know . When I went through menopause and had issues the Dr put me on HRT When I heard so much about breast cancer and HRT I started to look into other meds mainly herbal meds and used Black Cohash it is a plant based estrogen it controlled my hot flashes and hormonal problems. Good luck .

HI, @rd1 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It would indeed be confusing to read and hear about differing opinions on hormone replacement therapy (or HRT). As you are seeking answers, I thought it might be good to move your post to this existing discussion on HRT so that you can meet members like @pattitoo, @love4life @becsbuddy. @lioness and @cancersucks may also have some input on the pros and cons of HRT and weighing bone protection and potential increased breast cancer risk.

You might find this Mayo Clinic article on HRT useful https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/menopause/in-depth/hormone-therapy/art-20046372.

Have you started taking the Manhae’ food supplement you mentioned was prescribed by the second doctor you saw? If so, how is that going so far?

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