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Functional Neurological Disorder

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@amber3212 The neurologist at the mayo clinic gave me the website for me to read about it. The previous name for it was conversion disorder. It meant being stressed about an illness that a doctor can't locate and illness or disease. And she told me if everything comes back normal she would refer me to behavioral medicine. So they can teach me how to deal with my stress or fears. Well everything didn't come back normal my TIP procedure was done incorrectly and that's why l kept falling, slurred speech disorientation and tremors. It was because my ammonia levels sometimes elevated. It was elevated one time when l was in the doctors office and l.fell after l handed paperwork to the registration clerk. And l busted my lip and l had to go to the hospital. So when l left the mayo clinic the neurologist had to tell me l was misdiagnosed. And she hated that because she was wrong. And she had me scheduled to see 3 psychiatrist and the last day she cancelled the 3rd one. So read about it because you might have it and you might not. Because some illness can have symptoms like FND. Good luck

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What causes the ammonia to raise?