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Hello @amandasmom and welcome to Mayo Connect. Your daughter is so fortunate to have such a caring mom!

You know I have read of some suggestions that might help meet your daughter's nutritional needs and still be a clear liquid. There is a form of Ensure that is completely clear but yet high in protein. I will tag of our Connect members @thull. She was given this clear Ensure when she was in the hospital. From what she said it is only available online. I believe she orders it from Amazon. There are a couple of flavors that she has found are good. Perhaps she will discuss that when she joins this conversation.

Regarding exercise to help with the constipation issue. There are various Youtube videos that demonstrate exercises that can be done seated as well as massages of the abdomen that can help get some movement going. Because of your daughter's complicated health issues you could always check with her doctor first. Here are some links to those videos. The first one has abdominal exercises that can be done in a wheelchair.
I look forward to your posting again and learning how your daughter (and you) are doing. Will you post again?

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Good morning!
Ensure does have a clear option that I have seen in stores. What I prefer is Boost Breeze. I was able to order it on Amazon and I like the peach flavor and the berry. It has 250 calories and 9 grams of protein per 8 oz. They look like the juice boxes you buy for kids.
I like the Boost over the Ensure because the Ensure had a funny aftertaste to me.

Thank you for your suggestions! The Boost Breeze unfortunately contains sugars and milk protein that Amanda's very sensitive system would not do well with. She drinks coconut milk and a little rice milk, neither of which contain much protein, thus the addition of egg white protein, which she seems to do ok with. Regarding the exercise videos, although she isn't able to do any exercises on her own, I watched a massage video that could be helpful and I plan to give the technique a try, so thank you. I will be looking for acupressure demo videos for constipation, and plan to also check out the caregiver support discussion group. I appreciate your response! : )