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@jelizabeth I read your story and wanted to let you know that Myofascial release can help pundental nerve pain in some patients according to information on the MFR website and information from John Barnes, the creator of the MFR methods. We have a discussion with a lot of links and information and videos that show a therapist treating a patient. MFR can be a long process to work through and release layers of tight tissue and fascial scar tissue that can be caused by surgeries. I do a lot of MFR work because I have thoracic outlet syndrome and I am a spine surgery patient. Here is the link to the discussion. You may want to look through all the pages. The first pages have lots of information followed by discussions with Connect members who are interested in or have tried MFR with physical therapy. I don't know if having a pain pump would be a contraindication for MFR work because of the implanted connections, but that would be a question for a MFR therapist.

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Thank you Jennifer. I think pudendal nerve pain was another rabbit hole that one of my doctors sent me down. It looks like arachnoiditis is my problem, but I wasn't told this for seven years after the surgery that caused it. I only found out then, because I went out of state and had another back surgery for stenosis. The neurosurgeon didn't tell me before surgery, though, he waited until after it was done and then said the myelogram that I took to the first appointment showed nerve clumping and this means I have arachnoiditis. A pain pump was put in that doesn't help, which may be due to the fact that I developed a seroma. There are, now, very severe artifacts from the pump, a hip implant, and surgical hardware. I was sent for a purse string procedure to remove the seroma. My new PCP said the procedure would cause worse pain and the seroma would come back, and this is exactly what happened. Doctors have ruined my life. I live in constant pain and I don't know for sure what is causing the pain. (It could also be coming from Tarlov cysts because my first MRI reports said I had sacral Tarlov cysts) Someone told me they have my exact symptoms and that their pain is from Tarlov cysts. They had been to Dr. Feigenbaum.