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Just diagnosed....continue testing for causes

Neuropathy | Last Active: Feb 23, 2019 | Replies (17)

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@robge When you talked about cold parts of your body where you have neuropathy, that suggests to me that you may have decreased circulation there, and nerve compression and decreased circulation can be caused by physical fascial restrictions that can happen anywhere in the body. I have thoracic outlet syndrome that has caused my hands to turn blue and cold (actually cold to the touch), with arm pain, tingling , and numbness. I have been treating this in physical therapy with myofascial release. MFR can help so many conditions where conventional medicine hasn't helped. There can be similar issues with tight tissue in the hips and pelvic area that are similar. If your issues are physical, fascial stretching can help.

I created a discussion for MFR at https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/myofascial-release-therapy-mfr-for-treating-compression-and-pain/

You may want to look at that and see what you think. I have had great results with MFR. Also if you have low thyroid function, that tends to cause cold hands and feet. My feet were always cold until I took thyroid medication to assist my thyroid that was not producing enough hormones.

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Thank you @jenniferhunter I examined the link and will look into that more. I have noticed and plan to mention to my neurologist at the next appt that when I shower, the portions of my feet that I have numbness or no feeling in are actually white (a very stalk white). The portions that have feeling in them have a healthy color and are almost reddish, but the others are a stalk white. For now, my fingertips do not show this color pattern when in the shower, but the numbness has just begun in my fingertips whereas I have been experiencing numbness in my feet for several years now.

Thanks for sharing this information. I really appreciate it.