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@lelia Thank you for your reply. Everyone is urging me to go to Mayo. I have an appointment at U of M on the 28th. The doctor I will be seeing is an intern and he seems as baffled as the GI that I was seeing in Midland, MI. Could you give me the name of the doctor you saw at Mayo? Was testing done as an outpatient? If so where did you stay while you were there? At this point, I'm living on Boost and can't eat any regular food. I looked into the FODMAP but don't think I could tolerate any of it. I have been diagnosed with radiation enteritis but I think there is more than that going on. I truly appreciate all the information you have given me. I have been dealing with the damage to my small intestine since I had colon cancer surgery in 2001. It may be true that there is nothing that can be done for me but I'm not quite ready to give up yet. I'm glad that you are doing better. It gives me hope that something can be done for me. Bless you, Elaine

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Nice to hear from you. I've seen several g.i. doctors at Mayo. The most recent was Madhusudan Grover, who is very good. They are all very good. They probably will assign a doctor to you depending upon availability and your situation. The testing was done as an outpatient. We stayed at Springhill Suites in Rochester in case I'd be in the hospital at some point; St. Mary's Hospital is right across the street. Springhill Suites is not cheap but is so comfortable to the point of being luxurious. Tell them (or any lodging) you are in Rochester to go to the Mayo Clinic and they will give you a discount. Springhill Suites also isn't that far from the clinic buildings. The phone number for Gastroenterology is 507-284-2478 or 2875. Be sure to emphasize that you are coming for a diagnosis and/or second opinion. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know how it goes.