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I can't remember the test for SIBO. But, I think the test for fructose malabsorption would be more important for you. FM can cause IBS-C and acid reflux, and if you have FM you can't digest wheat because it has chains of fructose in it called fructans. Also, if you have FM bad enough, the low FODMAP diet is worthless because it still has too much sugar in it. If you want more info on FM, I started a discussion on fructose malabsorption on Mayo Clinic Connect. It isn't very active right now, but the info is still pertinent because I started it around December. It contains info on what to eat and not eat, identifying sugars in foods and drugs (there are about 30 words for sugar), etc. Good luck! It is so hard to sort all of this out.

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I'm a diabetic and when the chronic explosive diarrhea stops, I'm sending in a stool sample to Enterolab – Dr. Kenneth Fine – GI specialist and researcher. I already know I have Microscopic Colitis and probably Celiac disease from childhood. Many people with chronic watery diarrhea, bloating, nausea, fatigue and depression have MC and don't know it. It's diagnosed by a biopsy and can be performed when you have a colonoscpy performed. Don't get me started on Gastroenterologists. After a while we won't have doctors, just nurses telling us what's wrong and they haven't been to medical school. Nurses don't diagnose, I know…I'm a RN. I was informed by a doctor that the last time you'll see a doctor in a decade or sooner is when you're dead. Very depressing! Doctors have had it. All paper work and less time for patient one on onel We are in a World Of Hurt. All Manufactured to destroy our healthcare…And They're Winning.