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Just curious, what kind of testing is done for small bowel bacterial overgrowth? I am in Canada. In 2015, a gastroenterologist in his report said he suspected SBBO, (in addition to my IBS-C, celiac disease, and acid reflux). However, at that time, no tests were done. I was told to follow the FODMAP diet, take a mixture of Restoralax and Metamucil daily and take probiotics. The restoralax and metamucil aggravated the bowel, and the probiotics did not help.
Anyway, I am no

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I can't remember the test for SIBO. But, I think the test for fructose malabsorption would be more important for you. FM can cause IBS-C and acid reflux, and if you have FM you can't digest wheat because it has chains of fructose in it called fructans. Also, if you have FM bad enough, the low FODMAP diet is worthless because it still has too much sugar in it. If you want more info on FM, I started a discussion on fructose malabsorption on Mayo Clinic Connect. It isn't very active right now, but the info is still pertinent because I started it around December. It contains info on what to eat and not eat, identifying sugars in foods and drugs (there are about 30 words for sugar), etc. Good luck! It is so hard to sort all of this out.

there are several ways to test for SIBO, but the standard is a breath test. they will have you breathe into a sample bag and test the levels of hydrogen and methane. Hydrogen and methane are the gases produced by the bacteria that have taken up residence where they don't belong (small intestine) and then you are given a little cup of syrup with a mixture of sugars (all of this on an empty stomach with some fasting requirements prior to the test, and a very limited diet the day before) and then they take more breath samples every 30 to 45 minutes after that. I had this done in January (after completing a round of steroid for microscopic lymphocytic colits about 6 months earlier) and my results came back as two GI docs said "VERY" positive. so I was prescribed another antibiotic which required pre-authorization. between the time I was TOLD the Rx was sent in and when it actually WAS sent in, and then the delay while it went through the denial and appeal process, I investigated a non-pharmaceutical treatment for SIBO. I am currently following the Amy Myers MD SIBO Breakthrough plan which goes for 5 weeks. Basically, the diet involves starving the bacteria of any carbs, or sugars – which a low FODMAP diet can do as well, but also taking an herbal preparation with antibiotic properties for 30 days. I have to say, although I spend an inordinate amount of time doing food prep because of all the vegetables (all FODMAP friendly) I am feeling better day by day. I've lost a little more weight, but since I do feel better, I'm not so concerned. Just wanted to share, that if you try to research some of these things, you'll find all sorts of conflicting information. I think the best course of action it to pick a plan (I like the Amy Myers one – check our her website) and stick with one plan. Once you start mixing and matching plans – they are not as effective. Good luck!