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Debbra: no tricks re. getting off opioids. I so far had a total of 4 surgeries for various joints, and other than the first 5 to 7 days after surgery I usually taper off rapidly. Probably a little too soon, since I end up with some bearable pain, but I want my indepence (driving!) back asap. Drove myself to outpatient PT 9 days after right shoulder repair. A little awkward hitting the turn signals and putting car in parking gear, but I was getting cabin fever. And generally speaking, most pain medications including opioids only seem to reduce pain for me, never take it away completely. And thankfully my PT people – not a single one in the group – have ever tried to painfully manipulate whatever joint had had the surgery, so I never needed to dope up before therapy. Continued success with your recovery – you are a shining example of determination (and, of course, also some luck?) with your progress.

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@ellerbracke I was the same as you, being able to drive was a huge incentive to get off of opioids. I got off as quickly as possible. I was so sick of being house-bound.