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Osteoarthritis and Vitamin D Deficiency

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Hello @hopeful33250 I wanted to follow up. I was trying to find a new PC because mine is not listening to me. I had no option but to follow up with my regular PC. He informed me that everyone had low Vitamin D and that it had been a waste of time to test it. Although, I felt a little better after I began taking Vitamin D. Because of the lab results, he had to follow up with some more blood work. I felt like he thought I was wasting his time. As a result of the new blood work I have learned that I am anemic and my B12 was very low. I have to have a B12 shot once a week for 4 weeks and then once a month for 5 months. He also told me to take 325mg of iron per day. I had my first shot of B12 and am going to begin the iron tonight. I am a bit concerned about the side effects of taking such a high dose of iron. I asked about the thyroid test and he did not order it. After I asked,he asked the lab to test the TSH??? I am waiting to hear about that. My liver was fine. I can now see why I was so exhausted all the time. Hopefully, I will begin to have more energy as I build up my low levels.

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Hi @ssbionicknee. I am so sorry you are suffering from so many painful issues. I think your thought to find a different (or additional) doctor is a good one. I know that finding a new doctor is very stressful, but a new perspective could be extremely beneficial. I agree with Theresa's suggestion to see an endocrinologist. Thyroid, parathyroid, vitamin deficiencies, and many other issues are their areas of expertise. I consider the two endocrinologists I have seen to be magicians. I know that often a busy PC does not have the time, or training to sort out problems such as yours. Perhaps your doctor could refer you to an appropriate specialist. In reading your notes, I have wondered if you live in an area where there are very few doctors. I wish you well. For today, I wish you hope and some freedom from pain. For the future, I wish you knowledge and health. PS: I love your sense of humor.