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Hi, @rtbadleg. I just had a total right knee replacement on 1/21/19, due to post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Like you, I had a cortisone injection 3 months prior to my surgery. I had one in July, 2018, and another in November of 2018. After years of getting relief from injections, the last two did nothing, plus I started having a reaction to the shots. After wasting years postponing the surgery, it was time for a TKR.

I had to wait 3 months and by then I had basically been without relief from injections for about 9 months. During those 3 months I tried several “non prescription” braces. I used an Ace brand with Velcro straps most often. It was a less than perfect fix, but better than nothing. I did feel it was very helpful when walking downstairs or downhill.

I also tried various rubs like Aspercreme with Lidocaine, and Icy-Hot. The relief would be minimal and short lived. I even used CBD oil for a time, but got no results.

My doctor prescribed Hydrocodone 5-325 for the last month. It helped, but it didn’t take all the pain away.

I own a business and can mostly work at a desk. I don’t have a farm, but I have horses, a cow and dogs and parrots. I am lucky to have a husband who stepped up and cared for them. I still managed to cook, do laundry and keep a clean house, but I did have to lower my standards a bit.

I wish I could tell you that I found the perfect answer for you as you await your surgery, but I can’t.

I can tell you that the TKR has changed my life for the better, and I improve more and more every day. I had a Valgus Deformity so I got a Zimmer Biomet Persona knee. Even at less than a month post surgery, I am experiencing very little discomfort. Walking feels great for the first time in 14 years!

I hope your wait for the surgery passes quickly. I think you might remind yourself that each passing day gets you closer to your cure. You are going to be amazed at how great it is to have a normal leg again. Good luck to you.

Please visit this group often to talk. There are so many kind and helpful folks here. Be good to yourself every little chance you get. 👍🏻

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Thanks for the info I would love to wait till next winter when Farm is very little work as dealing with being unable to do work in the summer is not an option I am afraid. I have horses and they are great. I wish I had no feeling in the knee like I have in the left leg would make this so much easier. When I had surgery on it I was up and at it the next day. It works great.

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