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This is an amazing description of what myofascial release does. I had a double knee replacement a year ago and have had a rough go of it. I’ve withstood a ton of pain in my life, but nothing like rehab for the surgery. With Months on end of no more than two hours sleep, constant pain, as well as aggressive Physical therapy that left me with PTSD, I finally found relief with alternative therapies. Acupuncture and myofascial release has been a god send and just makes sense. My physical pain is subsiding as well as the emotional pain that has been stored in my body. It’s giving me back my life!

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@golfshrink That's wonderful that MFR is helping you recover. Surgical scar tissue is something that it helps. I had spine surgery on my neck at Mayo, and I also have thoracic outlet syndrome which is a compression of nerves and vessels between the collar bone and rib cage that affects my arms. My surgical incision was on the front side of my neck close to the TOS issues, and the TOS got worse because of the neck surgery and because I was in a neck brace for a few months, but I've been able to recover well from that and make progress on the TOS with MFR therapy. It's also a learning experience when you overcome chronic pain and the fear that goes with that. You can use the MFR techniques for self treatment on muscles that are hot, hard or tender, and you can prevent joint problems by preserving proper alignment by keeping the muscles functioning as they should. Your therapist can show you some things to do. Thanks for sharing your story.

You are so right about the emotional pain that can be released along with the physical pain when you have MFR therapy.. My body broke into big sobs with tears the first I had it. So much trauma from a really bad marriage was released and continued with more therapy.. I'm so glad I had MFR…