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Physical symptoms of depression / anxiety

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Thank you merry for your reply. I just did big info of myself to @gailb I recently went through the slurred speech third time in my life. Last time was 24 years ago during a bigger depression. My psychiatrist told me it has nothing to do with depression or the new med Abilify. I just can’t believe that! I can totally relate to how the people who are so depressed that they are dispondent or can barely speak. To me it just makes sense that if a person is unable to speak due to depression, why couldn’t slurred speech be related.

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@jmobe– I think, for your own peace of mind, that you should go to your PCP and get some blood work done. During a bad bout of depression myself and migraines I made an appointment with my neurologist for some whacky symptoms that I had never had. Thankfully she was bright and thought outside of the box and ordered tests that helped save my life. I don't know, if at this time, you can be certain that your slurred speech is caused by depression, although it could be. Follow through on this. If your psychiatrist is correct then you need to find the cause. Please keep me up dated. Some other people have had this and it might be a valuable answer to some.

@jmobe Hi I'm sorry to butt in here but just wanted to say advocate for yourself ,you know your body better then anyone so if you feel something is wrong and your Dr. wont listen to you go for a 2nd opinion maybe a new Dr. will see something your other one doesn't and even in life if we talk to someone for years sometimes they think they know you better then you do . Take care of yourself

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