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Physical symptoms of depression / anxiety

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Yes, when I had depression and anxiety I often felt like my brain wasn't working clearly. When that happened I felt overwhelmed and had trouble talking, thinking, and doing things that required fine dexterity. The more I had these physical symptoms the more stressed and anxious I felt.

At one point I took Ativan (lorazepam) to help during those times, but it made me slow down too much. It was hard to work in that situation. Eventually I asked my doctor for an antidepressant and he started me on Citalopram, 20 mg for 6 months and then 40 mg. I feel like it saved my life. It completely changed my mind, literally. I can now do things I never could before without the fear and anxiety that always came with adventures.

If you decide to talk with your physician about antidepressants, please ask him/her to do a DNA test to determine which medications will work best for you. That way you can avoid going through experiments to find the right one for you. I have been taking Citalopram for 6+ years now and it still works for me. I went through 20 years of talk therapy before deciding to take the medication. I learned a lot in talk therapy, but never could relieve my anxiety and depression. I'm past all that now and quite happy with my life.

Please share with us how old you are and if you take any medications. Learning more about you will help us help you. This is a wonderful online community.

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Thank you Gail! So much great info & appreciate you sharing your personal experience. Makes me feel hopeful. I’m a 59 yr old woman who has suffered since I was 12. Diagnosed when I was 24. Have had great and also a few bad doctors. Always been strong advocate for myself. Always follow dr’s direction & consider their words. My mother suffered all her life too. For so many years I’ve sat on the side line wanting to fully participate in life but couldn’t. It’s so hard to fake that your happy & doing great. Exhausting. I recently came to the sharp realization that this is my life. Pretending. The tide of depression has been high since July. Working w drs, meds, therapy. Feels different this time. Can you explain more about How DNA test works to help please. Again thank you so much!

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