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Pain Rehab Program decision

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Feb 26, 2020 | Replies (14)

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Hi @jefferie!! I applaud you for the courage it took to ask for feedback and to share with us your personal experience. It is hard enough to wake up each day and function in life let alone have the obstacles of uncontrolled pain and open you life up to us. The Rehabilitation clinic changed my life!! It is a sacrifice of time but it is well worth it. You learn so many non medication defense mechanisms to help you through not only your immediate issues but life lines to help you throughout the rest of your life. It’s individualizing the coping techniques to help you become more equipped to adapt and treat pain and often times other conditions. I really feel like they don’t try to fit you into a “textbook” They help you write your own “textbook or user manual”. They focus on finding the right treatments, right medications if needed and the right resources to help you now and in your future.

Can you share what other treatment options have you tried?


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I have been to doctor's in 4 states seeking a definite diagnosis. No luck there. I have tried PT numerous times with minimal success. I have also done injections both at Mayo and here at home by an orthopedic doctor who trained at Mayo. Dry needling was another option I tried. It helps very short term as well. I need to be able to refocus mid-day and keep working. I unfortunately can't retire at this point.

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