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Husband Went Missing for 4 Days

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His family is still my family and we have been in constant contact. My ex has a small business which was/is close to being sold so he needs to be here if the sale goes through. He can then go to FL to be with his younger brother. He had an episode 30 years ago, but in the 21 years we were married there were no issues. It's as if he went manic but the doctors haven't diagnosed him as bi-polar. He has been hospitalized twice recently. The first time he stayed in ER the whole time - 3 days. They put him on Ativan and he felt pretty good after 3 days so they released him but they told him they wouldn't give him a script for the Ativan because it's addictive. 3 days later I had to take him back to the hospital and he was admitted to the mental health unit for a week. They (the hospital) were puzzled why he received the treatment he did for the 3 days he had been there earlier. ?? It was the weekend, but supposedly there is always a psychiatrist on staff, he (my ex) was overlooked and never evaluated.

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@kbee6973 What a time you’ve had! And how wonderful that you are helping your ex! Just wondering if, after your experience with the hospital and ER, you’ve thought about contacting the patient representative at the hospital? The job of the patient rep is to act as your voice when there is a problem. They can look in to the problem and follow up on the situation. I did that when I had a big problem in the ER. The rep said they would educate doctors about listening when someone says they have a rare disease. The patient reps want to do what’s best for the patient. Try it! Becky