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Transient Global Amnesia and its treatment

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Thank you, Lisa. And let me add what a great, great resource this website is. Incredible, actually with all the moderators and information available. And thank you for answering me so quickly.
My doc is great, but he seems very cautious in saying very clearly one way or the other about various issues. I can say that my memory feels a lot sharper since being on Lacosamide. It's just this apparently reputable journal article clearly said TGA doesn't respond to epilepsy medication, so I wonder what I am being treated for.

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I can’t really speak to Trans Global Amnesia (TGA) or subarachnoid cyst as I’m more familiar with Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia as related to Epilepsy. I’m quite confident your doctor isn’t giving you an Anticonvulsant to improve your memory. Anticonvulsants are notorious for causing memory problems. As to why he ordered it, maybe to help prevent seizures which could cause additional memory issues because of your surgery. When were you given Vimpat?Were you ever on any other seizure medication? Have you ever had a seizure of any type before or after the surgery?
On a more positive note, TGA seldom lasts more than a matter of hours. In fact, you usually regain some if not all your memory except those memories that might have been made during the time that caused the loss in the first place. Can you be more specific as to what your memory problems are? Do you forget things but remember them at a later time or are days, weeks, months or years gone.
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