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Liver biopsy

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Hi Rosemary,
I have just been advised that I will need a guided liver biopsy for possible non alcoholic PBC. I am extremely nervous about it. Can I ask you if you have had this type of test and is it very painful? I’m very scared.


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@ali1974, Welcome to Connect, Alice. I understand your nervousness right now after being told that you will need a liver biopsy. I am happy to share what I have experienced.
A guided liver biopsy is an outpatient procedure. The doctor will use ultrasound device to determine the place where he wants to take the samples. After he/she marks the spot, he will (in my experience) take 3 very thin threadlike samples with a hollow needle. He will use an instrument with a trigger-like action to insert the needle – it is like a 'snap- then done. He did this 3 x to get 3 samples with a pause between them. During that time he or the assistant chatted with me, and constantly asked if I was okay. Which I was. I felt no pain because the area had been numbed. What I felt was pressure and then a snap each time. My anxiety was high and each time the doctor would tell me when to expect the pressure/snap.
Afterwards, I remember thinking that "Whew, that wasn't so bad!"
I don't recall it taking long, but afterwards I had to lie flat and still while being monitored for any bleeding and for BP to return to normal. After a while I was able to sit up and was able to eat and drink. I forget how long until I was discharged.
After discharge, I could take tylenol if I had any pain and my doctor told my to take it easy for a day or two with no heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
Alice, Have you been scheduled for the liver biopsy, yet? What are some questions that you have?

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