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Liver biopsy

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@sanai, Welcome to Mayo Connect. I want to commend you for 25 years of committment to what has successfully worked for you. There is no doubt in my mind that you have become an expert on your own body's needs. I am interested , if you care to share, how you established your eating plan, and was it a big change from what you had beec accustomed to?
sanai, What is PBF? I am not familiar with it.

@adah, How is your son getting along? Am I reading correctly that he has not had the liver biopsy?
Some of our members have spoken about HE (hepatic encephalopathy) where the ammonia level increrases and causes confusion. Has ammonia level ever been checked? Hre is a discussion that I want to share in Digestive Health>Elevated ammonia levels
@donnak142, I want to check in on you. How are you doing? What have you learned from the fibro scan about your liver disease?

@liaquat, I want to check in on you. Have you been able to start any kind of exercise program? (Walking is good) What is it like for you to adjust to low fat and low sugar? It is a big change for some people, so if you want support, we are here for you.
On Connect, we are patients, and not qualified to know what your scores mean for you. Only your doctor is qualified to explain them as they apply to you and your current health issues. Have you learned anything from your doctor yet?

@soteloli, How are you feeling? Have you been able to resume your exercise as the weather gets warmer?
You are correct that fatty liver (NASH-nonalcoholoc fatty liver disease) is a prevalent liver disease in our society. The Mediterranean diet is a good choice.
Did your recent tests provide you with any more information about your degree of fibrosis? How are you being monitored?

I invite anyone that I might have omitted, or who is new, or interested to join in this discussion with questions, experience, support.

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My son has not had liver biopsy, the dr said he doesn’t have cirrhosis. I’m taking him This Monday morning to children’s for genetic testing. Hopefully they will find out what is wrong with him. He has lost 13 lbs. now. And has to drink Ensure every day, cause appetite is poor. Cat scan showed cysts and lesions on left kidney. Very worried 😟

I’m sorry , I meant PBC of the Liver. Things are up and down , my energy level is very low this week, having no sugar and bread is hard for me, but I know it’s very bad for my condition as well. My fibromyalgia has kicked in this week also, do dealing with that, lots of pain and my body is very tender , so I’m praying this is over soon. I’m putting on my big girl pants and I could be better at any time , who knows with this fibromyalgia Lol ! Trying to stay positive tho!!