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Liver biopsy

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Since you have mentioned NASH, I would like to share this link from Mayo Clinic's Patient Care and Health Information. As you read through it, you will find some more about the role of the liver biopsy.
Liver Biopsy: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/liver-biopsy/about/pac-20394576

During my liver biopsies, I was awake. My abdomen was numbed, and the only thing that I felt was pressure when the doctor inserted the needle for the samples. I had at least 2 and both were at different facilities. The procedure did not tkae long at all. The anticipation and the hospital setting were the most uncomfortable part for me. I was relieved when it was finished. Afterward, I remember that there was a period time when I had to lie on my and be monitored to be sure of no internal bleeding.

@adah, I want to be sure that you see what I have posted about a liver biopsy. And I would like to ask you to tell us little about the fiber test? How long did it take for you to get the results?
Soteloli, When is your fiber test?

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The FibroSure test had to be done at hospital and it took 2 weeks for results.

@rosemarya Rosemary l had a liver biopsy and l thought it was to see how much damage and if you would need a liver transplant. I only had one for right now but l had one doctor say l had hepatic encephalopathy and then another say cirrhosis of the liver. And then it started with autoimmune encephalitis so it is a little confusing. I know encephalopathy means liver. And AE if you have a autoimmune disease and hepatic is related to herpes but l asked the doctor how can you have all three,? And l didn't get a really good answer except he said they all have the same symptoms but it can later affect the liver for some people. And cirrhosis is liver failure. But you must take care of your liver with lifestyle changes.