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Is there anyone dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome?

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Forgot to say that she has been Looking for dietas for Cándida and leaky guts. She noticed some improvement with Cándida symptoms within a week. One night she had spicy wings which didn’t seem to affect her stomach but witching 2 hours the symptoms came back. She believes that anything hurts her gut will trigger the Cándida but even worse that night she has symptoms again of vasovagal (not fainted) after almost a week doing good on that. I see her gut and vasovagal episodes as well as Cándida are related. Not sure but i wish I find help to test that somehow.

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An anti-inflammation diet I follow has successfully controlled my yeast and for the first time in years it eliminated my need for a strong corticosteroid shot to control internal eczema symptoms. This diet isn't easy, but if one is miserable enough we are motivated. Also today, I no longer crave sugar. My mouth no longer waters looking at the candy bowl or watching others eat dessert. I still bake desserts for my family and am not tempted because I fear a return of symptoms. I have followed this diet for 1 year this month. I plan to stick with this diet for life.
A female gynecologist recommended looking into diet modification. I read several books that were so complicated I was overwhelmed and then I cam across The Yeast Connection Handbook by William Crook, MD. This country doctor was a pioneer in diet as a means to control yeast back in the 80's and ridiculed by the medical profession. He believed yeast whose waste passes though weak intestinal lining (leaky gut) gets into our bloodstream raising our histamine levels thus raising inflammation. One must stop feeding the yeast, this doesn't mean stop eating but changing what we eat. I have never been overweight and have had a well balanced diet all my life, with occasional desserts. I never drank sodas, but used jam, honey and sugar in many recipes. Simple hand draw illustrations helped me understand how demanding yeast is. How yeast controls our brain. I began this diet to lower my histamines because I have eczema as well as female yeast issues. The 2 month detox is brutal and since newer studies find it can take up to 3 months to starve the yeast residing in our intestines I went with that because after 6 weeks I began noticing improvement. This yeast must starve itself to death. It sends messages to your brain demanding sugar. Craving sugar! Yeast loves sugar and carbs so for the detox period no sugar- natural or processed period! After that zero processed sugar for life and small servings of natural sugar as in fruit. I gave up alcohol years ago and giving up sugar was much more difficult. Tell yourself this jingle I made up when your mouth is salivating for something sweet, "When will you learn, it's going to make you burn". I brainwashed myself, repeating this dozens of times a day to begin with. Relief is not immediate. Yeast is stubborn and strong and won't die without a fight. If your daughter is not a fighter she shouldn't even try. It's a personal choice and you can't do this for her, of course have the healthy food alternatives handy, but just like wishing a smoker or drug addict would quit, they have to want to. I bought big bags of carrots, as they are a sweet veggie.
The Dr. Crook book is still sold on Amazon with an updated addendum, this is the version I have, and the update includes certain herbals I take.