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Is there anyone dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome?

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Thank you for responding to my post! My daughter is now 25 yrs old. She had the Henoch Shloein púrpura and was in corticosteroids for a months if I remember well. Yes, she was checked by a cardiologist and got a ton of tests done like 2 years ago. The reason was that as she was studying for her CPA test, the stress was so intense during rhose months that beside syncopes, she got one seizure that started while sleeping with not feeling her left arm and that feeling waked her up. Right after she started having a seizure. I called 911 rushed her to the hospital but all mri, tilt test and other neurological test done with Cleveland clinic came back as having vasovagal syncope. She was referred to a cardiology and all tests including 2 week monitoring came back ok.this wasn’t her first time fainting during the night. If she gets sick like a flu is a trip to the hospital, same with drugs that lower blood pressure, an episode is guarantee. But recently she also had repetitive episodes of candida infection and her IBS in my mind is closely related to that. I have some molecular biology background so I can understand what’s being done in research but feel that I find pieces but no one that can help me that have knowledge of the whole problem. I have read about the vasovagal nerve tone and bio electron medicine but looks like is still in clinical trials. Looks like vasovagal nerve may be triggering a uncontrolled tumor necrosis factor which precipitate her IBS, vasovagal and even the Cándida take over when she is going through that Maybe too much reading is overwhelming but not finding medical help that is familiar with all these is even worse.

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@gidalsy – Thank you for all the information! I have a background in pediatrics so I’m very familiar with Henoch Schönlein Purpura.
I don’t think it would make her more susceptible to the vasovagal syncope. What is worrisome is her episodes at night and secondary seizures. That would fall into cardiology and neurology specialties. In my mind it seems like her vagus nerve is dominating. I don’t know if she has a neurologist, but it would be very good for her to get a neurologist’s opinion. There are ways to to deal with the vagus nerve. It’s not good to have episodes at night when she is alone.
Candida is a response to a stressed immune system I think. It seems as if she lives with constant stress- fainting adds to her stress.
Just a thought- has she had an endocrinological evaluation of her stress hormones and other hormones? I’m definitely not an expert in this- just thoughts popping up.
Let me know what you are thinking.