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Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others?

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I struggle with labels (how you identify yourself). I am a hearing individual, and when I used to teach we were taught to say 'a person with ????? disability, or ????impairment. That worked well in a school setting, because it told the teachers that this individual would need accommodations in order to learn. My opinion and observation is that the general population does not have an awareness of hearing loss or hard of hearing or deafness because it is something they have never had any experience with.
I want to say thank you for sharing your experiences in daily living and in social settings. I feel sad that sometimes you feel isolated in social settings; I feel sad that I sometimes feel isolateed from communicating with my friends who have hearing loss. I am sorry that in today's world that you have to be the ones to make accommodations for us, the hearing population.

I plan to keep reading and learning from you. I look forward to pouring a cup of tea or coffee and being part of your conversations in this Hearing Group and throughout the discussions on Connect.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. Those on both sides of the hearing aisle I think would be served better with more attention and education through print, all forms of media, etc. about the difficulties that those with hearing impairment have. Remembering back to the days when I had no hearing problems, I personally didn't have much of a clue of what not having good hearing means in work and social situations (daily life!). Thanks again for meaningful comments - much appreciated.