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Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others?

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I'm glad people recognize we aren't the "only ones" and can feel connected to a group ! What are the best coping strategies? This is not ideal...it should change so how? Banned together with only other deaf/ h-o-h people ? (Segregate ourselves)? Fake it in large family/friends groups and bury the feelings? Demand that the group acknowledge that we don't follow the conversation easily and try to control how they are communicating? Never go anywhere without a person u know who will be easy to lip-read so u understand SOMETHING during the time? Refuse to join groups bigger than 2???. Stay home, watch TV and play phone games. Better than being in a crowd of people by purpose fully enjoying a museum tour while we don't know what the heck the guide us saying??? Pretend that that last scene doesn't bother us and at least we we're mingling with other people and got to see what everyone else understands more closely than we do....