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How did you treat your allergies? Did you do allergy shots? Your history sounds similar to mine. I did shots 2 years once and one year another time – second time was cut short. These days I’m very interested in gut health, food sensitivities, etc. thx and wishing you good health.

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Hi @ncgirl I assume your question is for me? When you reply to someone's post, it's best if you include their handle in your message so people know which post you are referring to. I knew I had allergies for many, many years but not sure exactly to what. And I didn't do anything until I got stung by wasps in summer of 2009. At the time I had no idea I was also allergic to bee venoms. The incident sent me to the ER. When I went to see an allergist afterwards, he suggested that I have a skin test to see exactly what I was allergic to as the first step, then get on a treatment regimen of allergy shots. The skin test revealed that I was allergic to the pollen from just about all trees common to Wisconsin as well as ragweed and court grass. And I was also allergic to dust mote (I always wondered why I was still coughing in the dead of winter). After the diagnosis, I went on the treatment regimen of 5 different shots each time, two for bee venoms and 3 for the other allergies. The frequency started out once a week, then once a month. The entire process took 5 years to finish. I used to have to bring water to every meeting and movie I went to so I wouldn't make a lot of noise. Cough drops in the mouth every night so I wouldn't wake my husband or even myself. Toward the latter part of the treatment, my coughing was pretty much stopped. And it stays that way to this day. Sorry for the rambling. I'm just very grateful that I no longer have that nagging cough that made me very self-conscious for so many years. Excessive mucus is also annoying, but compared to what I had been through before the treatment, this is nothing.