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I am also tapering off Ativan. I have been on it for 38 years. A lot of that time I kept asking my Doctor if I was going to get addicted, He said that if I didn't need more and more to get it to do the same thing, I wasn't addicted. I am now 70 and the Ativan was not working as good. The Doctor who put me on it is retired now and I have a great young Doctor who is helping me to taper with compounded Ativan. That is Ativan in liquid form so I can taper with very small reductions. The concentration of my compound is .5 mg per ml. Presently my daily dose is 4.4 ml down from 4.5 ml in 2 months and I have not noticed any major withdrawal symptoms. Effexor has also been helpful.



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Hi, @sady – since you mentioned that venlafaxine (Effexor) has been helpful, I wanted to invite you to participate in this discussion on positive experiences with it and add what you've noted in your treatment https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/effexor-1/

Glad you have found a good doctor who is helping you with a taper off of lorazepam (Ativan). Are you needing to go to a compounding or other specialty pharmacy to get the liquid formulation?