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I was on up to 8 mg daily and blacking out suffering 3 concussions and broken bones so I told my neurologist I wanted to stop it. He switched me to Valium,40 mg,week one,20 week two,10 week 4 and 5 mg week five, then none ! Now over 6 years later I cannot walk more than a few feet due to muscle spasticity ,have severe head pressure,loud tinnitus and the worst thing,I have no long term memory! I tell you this because I am sure it was being taken off in a few weeks that is responsible so if he stops ,he must taper off for at least a year ,and as for me I don't expect to survive this cold turkey withdrawal as there is nothing that doctors can give me to help!

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aarniek, you might be interested to look at this link. It's taken me a long time to finally track down information on the nutritional depletion caused by the sort of drugs that you took, and that my husband is dealing with. I suggest that you and others who may come along and read this thread look at this link and the vitamins he described. I might also add a suggestion for you to try taking high quality desiccated liver capsules, as it's possible the complete complex of B vitamins and amino acids in them could make a difference for you over a period of time. From the experience of a friend with MS I was able to observe, I know it is actually possible for nerves to regenerate with the right nutrients, and the sensation for her was one of little tiny electric shocks as they did so. Radiant Life has a highly recommended form of desiccated liver.

I have been taking 8 mg for two years. How should I taper?

OMG! You are soooo correct, it was not a SLOW AND GRADUAL TAPER that is hammered into everyones head. Something terribly similar to me happened except my Medical Professional team gave me the incorrect dose to taper. Switching to Valium was the correct start but obviously was not followed thru with the slow taper. Did you discuss this with your Medical Professional and if so what did he tell you? So very sorry this has happened to yet another. When will the FDA, besides issuing the most egregious Black Box Warning, start making the Doctors accountable for long term use?

I'm so sorry to hear how much you have suffered because of these drugs and also doctors who don't have the experience to wean you properly. These type of drugs were designed for a quick fix during a bad situation but many of us are using them on a daily basis. I've been using ativan for over 20 years but then suddenly my doctor decides to reduce my dosage without even a discussion about it or even a plan. I told him he was doing more harm than good by doing this and since I had cancer twice I'm more stressed than ever. It might be a good idea if you talk to your doctor about another type of med that helps with anxiety on a long term basis. I'm also taking a antidepressant and it also reduces the intensity of my anxiety so I can use less of the ativan. I wish you the best with your mission and hope you will come out on top.