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Hello, my name is Christina. I began losing my hearing in my late 50’s. Now am 74. It got progressively worse and I believe it may have a hereditary component. My paternal grandparents were deaf, only one congenitally, and my father began losing his hearing in his 40s. And deaf by my age. I had about 10% hearing and have felt truly handicapped. Then decided to explore Cochlear Implant. I had the CI surgery 3 weeks ago in my right ear. Now “deafer” since only left eat with HA. But I will be connected to the CI next week. And can let you know my progress if interested.

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So the CI is the large thing on the back side of your head with a giant BTE. Are you self conscious of the look of it? What precautions are necessary. How do you wash your hair. Is dirt an issue? Are the sounds the same as acoustic natural sounds?

I'm definitely interested to know how your CI progresses. I think your hearing loss may be similar to mine (noticeable age 50, severe by 70, father and grandmother completely deaf in their 80s). I like to hope that I'll be able to hear to some degree as I get older. So I hope it goes well for you! Keep me posted.

My family has hearing loss sprinkled throughout. Just in my lifetime, there's my great-grandmother, both grandmothers, one of my great aunts, numerous other aunts and uncles. I got a great laugh at a family wedding, recently, seeing lots of people holding out a tiny microphone to someone else. So many of us have CIs that we can share batteries.
It's a hard trait to research on the web. All I can find so far is dozens of articles about congenital deafness.
Best wishes !