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Thank you. I will look into that for sure. I tried to order a CBD oil, one that is legal and supposed to be safe. I got scammed. It was infuriating with all I'm going through. Have you ever tried one of those?

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@mam14I ordered the 2nd time from a different dealer wasn't any different so no more I,'ll keep what I know helps Right now I'm in P.T. for my lower back it is working for me New problem now my balance is off became close to calling a couple of times

Hello mam14, I believe that I may have crps. along with fibromyalgia.It started over two years ago I told my doctor over and over again that it was more than fibromyalgia, but who am I ?
I changed doctors last September. I have seen a neurologist last January testing was negative but the pain is definitely excruciating nerve pain from my head to my toes. Had a mri of brain looking for MS , negative. I have electric shock pain,burning,aching twenty four seven. I am being seen at St Mary’s Physiatry which is pain management. I am having a Cervical Rizotomy on the twenty eighth and am waiting for an appointment for a Rizotomy for my knees. There are treatments for nerve pain relief without medications.