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Thank you Renee. I am Mary Ann. I am about to walk into an optometrists office. I wear glasses but my vision is so bad sometimes. Do you have trouble with your eyes? It is painful to cry and sometimes my vision is so blurry. Some days I have a lot of trouble reading.

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Yes I've always worn glasses but since being diagnosed with crps , I failed my field test st my regular eye doctor 3 times. So I have an appointment 2 go to Kremer Eye center in March. It can effect almost any thing in your body where there are nerves!! I can talk any time, feel free to contact me anytime!

I also have trouble with my vision. I have had CRPS for just about 20 years. I have visual disturbances – see black and white lines in somewhat of a wavy pattern. Reading is also difficult but I also have corneal dystrophy and cataracts. The blurriness is most disturbing to me. I am taking CDB capsules called Green Mountain, made in Vermont. I stopped taking them for a while but have recently started up again. I was taking them at night but it seemed to hinder my sleep so now I am taking them twice during the day. I am looking forward to improvement.