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Hi I've also have been dealing with crps. It has been very difficult to get good treatment. The problem is because the pain is similar to phantom pain, your brain is sending signals the can't be controlled. I've tried Gabipentin, nerve blockers. But unfortunately wlonce it spread to my arm I got a spinal implant, which helped greatly. You need to find someone who deals with crps. Most doctors don't know about it, so they treat it like fibromyalgia or something like that, its totally different. Please feel free to reply for any thing you you want. It's hard to find other people with the disorder. My name is Renee.

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Thanks for your reply Renee. l know about crps my twin sister suffers with it plus fibromyalgia. This moment she has been in hospital 2, weeks with a bad flare up can't move.
She is saying that l have it but when l asked my Drs she just looked at me and was not really interested in me. She has sent me for physiotherapy not sure that is going to help. I was given a course of women physio but that mad it more painful.I am fine if l sit in my chair all-day and do nothing as soon as l do any sort of activity l have pelvic pain. Kind regards Carol

Thank you Renee. I am Mary Ann. I am about to walk into an optometrists office. I wear glasses but my vision is so bad sometimes. Do you have trouble with your eyes? It is painful to cry and sometimes my vision is so blurry. Some days I have a lot of trouble reading.

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