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I feel like the pain doctor that I am seeing is a waste of my time. They have me taking cymbalta, lyrica, and norco. I am still in constant pain. I have asked if there are other options and was told no. I have a topical cream that helps my foot, which is where the CRPS started, but I can't rub it everywhere. I am just beginning this struggle. It sounds like you have experienced this for a long time.

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Hi I've also have been dealing with crps. It has been very difficult to get good treatment. The problem is because the pain is similar to phantom pain, your brain is sending signals the can't be controlled. I've tried Gabipentin, nerve blockers. But unfortunately wlonce it spread to my arm I got a spinal implant, which helped greatly. You need to find someone who deals with crps. Most doctors don't know about it, so they treat it like fibromyalgia or something like that, its totally different. Please feel free to reply for any thing you you want. It's hard to find other people with the disorder. My name is Renee.

@nam14 Hi I'm Lioness I have fibromyalgia and other back problems I was on all those meds and had either side effects or allergic to Norco in particular . I do a lot of holistic stuff and one thing I found for chronic pain with my fibro. is a product called Fibro Malic from Vitacost Ive been on it for years and its better then the Rx from Dr,s In the 90,s when I was first diagnosed then didn't know what caused it and still don't so I found this product Ive used along with Tramadol and Meloxicam I'm comfortable At night I always take my Tramadol and a Melatonin this usually works of course it depends on is you let your mind rest .

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